About NCF

The main purpose of the federation is to promote cooperation between the member associations and concrete specialists in the Nordic countries and thus contribute to the development of concrete technique. The purpose is achieved by arranging Nordic concrete conferences, producing publications, committee work as well as contributing to research cooperation, such as Nordic concrete research meetings. The Federation award the Nordic Concrete Federation Medal is given to persons according to specific rules.

The Nordic Concrete Federation is a collaboration organization of the concrete associations in the five Nordic countries, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

The purpose of the Research Council of the Nordic Concrete Federation (RCNCF) is to stimulate inter-nordic concrete research to promote a continuously positive impact on both Nordic and international utilisation of concrete.

Major activities for the Research Committee are:

  • Triennial Concrete Research meetings. These meetings attract 150 – 200 concrete researchers and act as fora for presenting actual Nordic concrete research projects. These meetings further help young scientists to develop Nordic acquaintances on both a professional and personal level, thus stimulating continuation of the inter-Nordic research co-operation.
  • Initiating Nordic Thematic Workshops, as meetings between a limited number of active Nordic researchers on a specific issues.
  • Publish the bi-annual publication “Nordic Concrete Research” – NCR. NCR is an English language publication publishing papers from Nordic concrete researchers within concrete technology, durability and structural design.
  • Improve the access to information on concrete related research activities and arrangements in the Nordic countries via this internet homepage.