NCF’s Medals

Nordic Concrete Federation’s Medal.

Guidelines/by-laws for NCF’s medal have been decided at NCF board meeting 12th of April 1985, and revised 24th of March 1992.

The original laws were written in Swedish, translated to Danish 22th of December 1994, revised 12th of January 1995. With some minor revisions, this English version has been written 14th of June 2010.

§ 1 The medal is given as a personal reward for a special great contribution for scientific or practical development of concrete technology within the Nordic countries. Primarily contributions which have led to inter-Nordic cooperation shall be awarded. The medal is usually given to a Nordic citizen.

§ 2 The medal is normally given away during the Nordic Concrete Research Symposia. Typically only one medal is awarded each time.

§ 3 Nomination of one or two candidates for the medal are given by the boards of the Nordic Concrete Associations. At least one of the candidates shall be from one of the other Nordic countries. Written motivation shall usually be given at least 8 month before the Research Symposia.

§ 4 Decision regarding the reward are made by the Board of the Nordic Concrete Federation. If needed, the Board can request the opinion of the Research Committee of the Nordic Concrete Federation. The motivation of the Board’s decision shall be taken down. The treatment of proposals for candidate shall be kept confidential.

§ 5 The medal has the inscription “Nordiska Betongförbunden” (“Nordic Concrete Federation”), the name of the recipient and the year.

§ 6 Decision regarding these by-laws are taken by the Board of the Nordic Concrete Federation. The decision shall be made unanimously.

Recipients of the Nordic Concrete Federation’s Medal:

2017 Terje F. Rønning, Norway

2014 Steinar Helland, Norway

2011 Olafur H. Wallevik, Iceland

2008 Dirch H. Bager, Denmark

2005 Tauno Hietanen, Finland

2002 Åke Skarendal, Sweden

1999 Ivar Holand, Norway

1996 Gøran Fagerlund, Sweden

1995 Erik Skettrup, Denmark

1993 Rikhardur Kristjansson, Iceland

1992 Poul Mortensen, Sweden

1990 Asko Sarja, Finland

1989 Björn Vik, Norway

1987 Anders Nielsen, Denmark

1986 Sven Gabriel Bergström, Sweden