BYE-LAWS OF THE NORDIC CONCRETE FEDERATION (NCF)Approved at the meeting of the board of the Nordic Concrete Federation of 31 March 1978 and revised on 24 March 1992.

§ 1      The Federation is known as:

Nordisk Betonforbund                        (Danish)

Pohjoismainen Betoniliitto                  (Finish)

Nordisk Betongforbund                      (Norwegian)

Nordiska Betongförbundet (NBF)         (Swedish)

Norrajna Steinsteypusambandid          (Icelandic)


Nordic Concrete Federation (NCF)       (English)

Fédération Nordique du Béton            (French)

Nordischer Betonverband                   (German)

§ 2       The Nordic Concrete Federation is a coordinating body for the following
national concrete associations:

1.         Dansk Betonforening (DBF, Denmark)

2.         Suomen Betoniyhdistys – Finska Betongföreningen ry (FBF, Finland)

3.         Norsk Betongforening (NB, Norway)

4.          Svenska Betongföreningen (SBF, Sweden)

5.          Steinsteypufélag Islands (SI, Iceland)

§ 3       The object of the Federation is to encourage co-operation between the member associations and concrete experts in the Nordic countries and thereby promote the development of concrete technology. This object is achieved through holding Nordic congresses on concrete, issuing publications, organising committee work and contributing to research collaboration, e.g. by holding Nordic meetings dealing with research into concrete. The Federation also awards, subject to special rules, a medal bearing its name. It can represent the five member associations internationally.

§ 4       The Federation is managed by a Federation Board, consisting of the chairmen of the five member associations.  Each member association also appoints a deputy board member. The chairman and secretary of the member association which is to organise the next Nordic Congress on Concrete serve as chairman and secretary of the Federation and the Federation Board. The sitting chairman and secretary, however, continue in office until the beginning of the year following the Congress.

§ 5       The board holds meetings at least once a year convened by the chairman. The board appoints the representatives of the Federation in matters of common international representation. It also establishes committees to handle important parts of the activities of the Federation. Each member association is entitled to be represented on each of the committees appointed by the board.

Similarly, the board lays down the duties of these committees and appoints the committee chairman who convenes committee meetings.

§ 6       At meetings of the board at least four board members (or deputy members) must be present for a decision to be taken.  In the absence of both the chairman and deputy member from the same member association, the latter may be represented by another person with written power of attorney. This person may be a board member from another member association.

Each member association has one vote. Decisions must be unanimous.

A member association which has not participated in the taking of a decision is entitled, within three months, to give notice that it does not consider itself bound by the decision.

§ 7       The running expenditure of the board is paid by the member association represented by the chairman.

The member associations pay the expenses of their representatives.

The board approves the payment of expenses for common international representation.

§ 8       A member association that wishes to leave the Federation shall give notice 18 months before leaving. It may only leave at the end/start of a calendar year.

§ 9       Any amendment to these rules requires the unanimous approval of the board.  The amendment will take effect following ratification by all member associations.