Interesting and inspiring RCNCF meeting in Reykjavik

Representatives for five Nordic countries met in Reykjavik on April 27th for the annual in- person meeting in the RCNCF. With great engagement regarding cement, alternative binders and concrete the council discussed workshops, webinars and the NCR journal in addition to strategic planning for the council’s assignments and focal points. To joyful excitement of the delegates there were also time for a spontaneous field trip to Hornsteinns planned excavation sites for natural pozzolan. Thank you to Børge Johannes Wigum for organizing the meeting and the field trip. And thank you to Hornsteinn and the Iceland Concrete Association for hosting the meeting and the wonderful dinner in Reykjavik Thursday night.

Representatives from the RCNCF: in front: Johan Silwferbrandt (Chair) Katarina Malaga, Børge Johannes Wigum, Cecilie Hagby and Jens Peder Ulfkjær. In the back:  Terje Rønning, Mårten Janz, Jukka Lahdensivu, Jouni Punkki and Wolfgang Kunther.

Field trip to the natural pozzolan, Hyaloclastite, sites: 

All photos: Hornsteinn

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