NCR no. 10 – 1991

NCR no. 10 1991 (Complete pdf document)

  1. Bent Steen Andreasen
    Anchorage of multilayered reinforcement at supports
  2. Elisabeth Atlassi
    Influence of cement type on the desorption isotherm of mortar
  3. Mikael Hallgren, Sven Kinnunen
    Punching shear tests on circular high ·strength concrete slabs without shear reinforcement
  4. Will Hansen, Prijatmadi Tjiptobroto
    An energy based model for predicting the elastic tensile strain capacity of high performance fiber reinforced composites (frc)
  5. A. Ipatti
    Encapsulation of granular ion-exchange resins in solid form without alkali-activated blast-furnace slag
  6. H. Justnes, J. Cantens, J. Polet
    The mechanism of latex protection against chloride induced rebar corrosion
  7. Terje Kanstad
    Evaluation of material models for shrinkage and creep of concrete
  8. Matti V. Leskela
    Strength reduction in hollow-core slabs when supported by beams and girders
  9. Erik J. Sellevold, Tom Farstad
    Frost/salt-testing of concrete
  10. Oystein Vennesland
    Effect of temperature on oxygen transport throughsubmerged concrete


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