NCR no. 11 – 1992/1

NCR no. 11 1992/1 (Complete pdf document)

  1. Xu Aimin
    The shrinkage and bulk l4fodulus of cement fly ash mortar
  2. Göran Fagerlund
    Effect of the freezing rate on the frost resistance of concrete
  3. Gert Heshe, Claus V. Nielsen
    Triaxial stress states and punching shear in slabs of a fibre reinforced ultra high strength cementbased composite
  4. Tarja Hákkinen
    The permeability of high strength blast furnace slag concrete
  5. Tarja Hákkinen
    The microstruc’;;;t’;;;ure of high strength blast furnace slag concrete
  6. Stefan Jacobsen, Hans Christian Gran
    Alkali aggregate reagtions (aar) in norway
  7. H. Justnes, B. Söpler
    The performance of polymer impregnated concrete beams after 19 years of outdoor exposure
  8. Heikki Kankkunen, Paavo Ojanen
    Concrete rheology and compaction
  9. Matti Pentti
    Carbonation of reinforced concrete facade panels- a field investigation
  10. Mats Rodhe
    Drying of lightweight aggregate concrete – a comparison of three different aggregates
  11. Erik J. Sellevold
    Shrinkage of concrete
  12. Sverre smeplass, Tor Arne Hammer, Tore Narum
    Determination of the effective composition of lwa concretes
  13. Tang Luping, Lars-Olof Nilsson
    Chloride diffusivity in high strength concrete at different ages


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