NCR no. 13 – 1993/2

NCR no. 13 1993/2 (Complete pdf document)

  1. Per Anders Daerga, David Pontinen
    A fatigue failure criterion based on deformation
  2. Mette Glavind, Gitte S. Olsen, Christian Munch-Petersen
    Packing calculations and concrete mix design
  3. Per Goltermann
    Performance tailoring of structural concrete
  4. Per Goltermann, Henning Larsen, N.U. Ingholt
    Precast sandwich elements of light aggregate concrete
  5. Ari Ipatti
    Effect of specimen size and capping method on apparent compressive strength of high strength concrete
  6. Harald Justnes
    Technical nitrate as set accelerator for cement
  7. Luping Tang, Lars-Olof Nilcson
    Effect of drying at an early age on moisture distributions in concrete specimens used for air permeability test


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