NCR no. 14 – 1994/1

NCR no. 14 1994/1 (Complete pdf document)

  1. Glavind, M., Munch-Petersen, Chr., Pedersen, E.J.
    Framework programme 1989-92, fibre reinforced concrete Control
  2. Jacobsen, S., Sellevold, E.J.
    Frost/salt scaling testing of concrete-importance of absorption duing test Control
  3. Justnes, H., Reyniers, B., Loo, D.v., Sellevold, E.J.
    An evaluation of methods for measuring chemical shrinkage of cementitious pastes Control
  4. Klinckowström, P., Penttala, V.
    Flexural strength of polymer cement concretes Control
  5. Kullaa, J.
    Fibre-reinforced concrete under uniaxial tensile loading Control
  6. Li An, Cederwall, K.
    A concrete block bending test Control
  7. Plos, M.
    Splicing of reinforcement in frame corners
  8. Punkki, J.; Eriksson, B-E.
    Lightweight aggregate concrete for prefabricated elements Control
  9. Xu, A.
    Air permeability of concrete containing fly ash Control



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