NCR no. 15 – 1994/2

NCR no. 15 1994/2 (Complete pdf document)

  1. Farstad, T., Gran, H.C., Reknes, K.
    Measurement of chlorides in concrete – an evaluation of two different sampling techniques
  2. Gautefall, O., Hammer, T.A., Havdahl, J., Vennesland
    Experience from nine years of exposure of concrete in the tidal/ splash zone
  3. Goltermann, P., Larsen, H., Ingholt, N.U.
    Strength and stiffness relations in lightweight aggregate concrete with open structure
  4. Pétursson, P.
    Frost-resistance test for coarse aggregates
  5. Punkki, J., Sellevold, E.
    Capillary suction in concrete
  6. Vares, S.
    Frost resistance of steel fibre high stength concrete
  7. Westman, G., Emborg, M.
    Development of a relaxation test-frame
  8. Discussion of the paper “air permeability of concrete containing fly ash” by Ainim Xu, nordic concrete research 1/1994.
  9. Notes to the evaluation of gas permeability of concrete. A reply to the discussion by F. Jacobs.


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