NCR no. 16 – 1995/1

NCR no. 16 1995/1 (Complete pdf document)

  1. Bjerkeli, L.
    The norwegian pavilion at Expo’92, design of a fiber reinforced concre test ructure
  2. Goltermann, P.
    Lightweight concrete walls and columns
  3. Klinghoffer, O.
    In situ monitoring of reinforcement corrosion by means of electrochemical methods
  4. Lanu, M., Huovinen, S.
    Fibre reinforced concrete in an inverted t-beam
  5. Larsen, H., Ingholt, N.U., Goltermann, P.
    Moment capacity and shear force capacity of lightweight aggregate concrete floor components
  6. Leivo, M.
    Water glass accelerator for heat treated portland cement concrete
  7. Plos, M., Gylltoft, K.
    Fracture mechanics analyses of the shear failure in a concrete bridge
  8. Vennesland, 0.
    Cathodic protection of steel in concrete – effect of steel surface area on oxygen transport through submerged concrete


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