NCR no. 17 – 1995/2

NCR no. 17 1995/2 (Complete pdf document)

  1. Aassved Hansen, E.
    Determination of the tensile strength of concrete
  2. Johansen, K., Laanke, B., Smeplass, S.
    Crushed sand as a complementary aggregate
  3. Justnes, H.
    Accelerated hardening of mortars wtth hydraulic binders of silica fume/lime
  4. Kukko, H., Tattari, K.
    Frost resistance of high strength concrete
  5. Marchand, J., Sellevold, E.
    Effect of predrying on the deicer salt scaling resistance of blended cement concretes
  6. Meland, I.
    Mortar linings in ductile iron pipes
  7. Sörensen, N.B., Kirkegaard, P.H.
    Dynamic parameters as damage indicators for fibre reinforced matrices
  8. Veljkovic, M.
    Interaction between concrete and sheeting in composite slabs



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