NCR no. 19 – 1996/2

NCR no. 19 1996/2 (Complete pdf document)

  1. Claeson, Chr., Gylltoft
    Behavior of reinforced high strength concrete stub columns
  2. Justnes, H.
    Utilization of used cracker catalyst and lime as hydraulic binders for mortars
  3. Laamaanen, P H.
    Corrosion inhibitors in concrete – ama (alkanolamines)-based inhibitors – state of art report
  4. Larsen, H., Goltermann, P, Scherfig, S., Micheelsen, C.
    In-plane shear joint capacity of precast lightweight aggregate concrete elements
  5. Silfwerbrand, J.
    Differential shrinkage in normal and high strength concrete overlays
  6. Sipari, P, Lanu, M., Huovinen, S.
    Effect of steel fibre on cracking strength of reinforced concrete structures



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