NCR no. 2 – 1983

NCR no. 2 1983 (Complete pdf document)

  1. M. Alasalmi, H. Kukko
    Energy saving possibilities in the production processes of the concrete industry
  2. O. Gautefall, O. Vennesland
    Effect of cracs on the corrotion of embedded steel in silica-concrete compared to ordinary concrete
  3. R. Glemberg, A. Samuelsson
    A general constitutive model for concrete structures
  4. H.E. Gram
    Methods for reducing the tendency towards embrittlement. In sisal fibre concrete
  5. T. Hyvonen
    Critical temperature of reinforcing and prestressing steels
  6. T.A. Haverstad, H. Stemland
    Fatigue response of cylindrical tubes
  7. J.J. Jensen, K. Hoiseth
    Im pact of dropped objects on lightweight concrete
  8. Aa.P. Jensen
    Beams and shell in high-strength concrete
  9. J. Jokela, M. Rama
    Behaviour, use and safety of fixings in concrete
  10. L. Kivekas, H. Kukko
    Strength development and frost resistance of concrete at low temperatures
  11. H. Kronen, J.H. Andersen
    Properties of cryogenic concrete
  12. R. Malinowski, M. Rodhe
    Vacuum carbonation of lightweight aggregate concrete
  13. I. Meland
    Hydration of blended cements
  14. S. Risager
    Visintini beams – 74 years after
  15. E. Vesikari
    Prevention of frost-salt action on concrete by use of surface sealants
  16. Registration of research activities in the nordic countries 1981 – 1984


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