NCR no. 20 – 1997/1-2

NCR no. 20 1997/1-2 (Complete pdf document)

  1. Brincker, Rune – Simonsen, John – Hansen, Will
    Some aspects of formation of cracks in frc with main reinforcement
  2. Hauggard, Anders Boe – Damkilde, Lars
    Non-linearities in tensile creep of concrete at early age
  3. Hammer, Tor Arne – Sellevold, Erik J.
    Minisemmar on early volume change and reactions in paste-mortar-concrete
  4. Huovinen, Seppo
    Action of glued steel plates in strengthening of structures
  5. Larsen, Henning – Goltermann, Per – Ingholt, N.U.
    Lightweight aggregate concrete beams. Load-bearing capacity
  6. Persson, Bertil
    Basic deformations of high-performance concrete
  7. Pettersson, Karin – Ronnebrant, Robert
    Mimi seminar on service life of concrete structures including the propagation period
  8. Poulsen, Ervin – Jensen, Aage P.
    On testing the failure criterion of bonding agents for use as plate structural bonding for the strengthening of concrete structures
  9. Skjærbæk, P.S. – Nielsen, S.R.K. – Kirkegaard, P.H.
    Earthquake tests of reinforced concrete frames


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