NCR no. 24 – 2000/1

NCR no. 24 2000/1 (Complete pdf document)

  1. Ali Alavizadeh-Farhang, Johan Silfwerbrand
    Plain And Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Beams Subjected To Combined Mechanical And Thermal Loading
  2. Peter Billberg
    Influence Of Superplasticizers And Slag Blended Cement On The Rheology Of Fine Mortar Part Of Concrete
  3. Marianne Tange Jepsen
    Green Concrete
  4. Harald Justnes, Erik J. Sellevold, Bert Reyniers
    Chemical Shrinkage Of Cement Pastes With Plasticizing Admixtures
  5. Inger Meland, Gudrun Lundevall, Terje F. Rønning, Knut O. Kjellsen
    Sustainable Concrete With Portland Fly Ash Cement And Alkali Reactive Aggregates
  6. Esko Sistonen, Seppo Huovinen
    Results Of The New Reinforcing Technology Project



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