NCR no. 26 – 2001/1

NCR no. 26 2001/1 (Complete pdf document)

  1. Dirch H. Bager, Mette R. Geiker, Rune M. Jensen
    Rheology Of Self-Compacting Mortars
  2. Lars Pilegaard Hansen, Gert Heshe
    Static, Fire And Fatigue Tests Of Ultra High-Strength Fibre Reinforced Concrete And Ribbed Bars
  3. Klaus Juvas, Aulis Käppi, Kai Salo, Erik Nordenswan
    The Effects of Cement Variations on Concrete Workability
  4. Agnes Nagy
    Parameter Study Of Thermal Cracking In Hpc And Npc Structures
  5. Ingemar Löfgren, Kent Gylltoft
    In-Situ Cast Concrete Building Important Aspects Of Industrialised Construction
  6. Sverre Smeplass, Ernst Mørtsell
    The Applicability Of The Particle Matrix Model To Self Compacting Concrete (Scc)



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