NCR no. 3 – 1984

NCR no. 03 1984 (Complete pdf document)

  1. Robert Danewid
    An investigation of reinforced concrete beams in two spans subjected to fatigue load
  2. Mats Emborg/Stig Bernander
    Temperature stresses in early age concrete due to hydration
  3. Ake Grudemo
    The crystal structures of cement hydration – a review and a new gel structure model
  4. Asle Hoff/Karl Hoiseth/Thor Arne Hanerstad
    Testing of high strength lightweight aggregate concrete elements
  5. Pelle Hoflund/Ake Olofsson/Ralejs Tepfers
    Subsea repair of concrete and the effect of fouling
  6. Jukka Jokela
    Behaviour and design of concrete structures under thermal gradients
  7. Lauri Kievekas
    Durability of concrete in arctic offshore structures
  8. Bernt J. Leira/Ivar Langen
    On probabilistic design of a concrete floating bridge
  9. Magne Maage
    Underwater concrete
  10. Pertti Pitkanen
    Prediction of temperature, fields of massive concrete structures during hardening
  11. Jorma Virtanen
    Mineral by-products and freeze-thaw resistance of concrete


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