NCR no. 31 – 2004/1

Download full report here: NCR no. 31 2004/1 (pdf document)


  • Saija Varjonen
    Accelerated Carbonated Concrete as Corrosion Environment
  • Jon E. Wallevik
    Microstructure-Rheology: Thixotropy and workability loss
  • Per Fidjestøl, Harald Justnes
    Long term experience with microsilica concrete in a marine environment
  • Erik Johan Sellevold, Øyvind Bjøntegaard
    Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) of Hardening Concrete
  • Monica Lundgren
    Limestone Filler as Addition in Cement Mortars: Influence on the Early-Age Strength Development at Low Temperature
  • Laura De Lorenzis, Ralejs Tepfers
    Applicability of FRP confinement to strengthen concrete columns
  • Theodoros Rousakis, Ralejs Tepfers
    Behavior of concrete confined by high E-modulus carbon FRP sheets, subjected to monotonic and cyclic axial compressive load

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