NCR no. 35 – 2006/1-2

NCR no. 35 – 2006/1-2

1. Malin Löfsjögård & Johan Silfwerbrand
Proposal for Improvement of Road Lighting Design for Concrete Roads 1 publication-no-35-1

2. Johan Magnusson
Fibre Reinforced Concrete Beams Subjected to Air Blast Loading 18 publication-no-35-2

3. Mikael Westerholm, Björn Lagerblad & Eric Forssberg
Washing of Fine Aggregates –
Influence on Aggregate Properties and Mortar Rheology 36 publication-no-35-3

4. Håkon Thun, Ulf Ohlsson & Lennart Elfgren
Concrete Strength in Old Swedish Bridges 49 publication-no-35-4

5. Vesa Anttila
European Symposium on Service Life and Serviceability of Concrete Structures 64 publication-no-35-5

6. Ongoing Nordic Ph.D. Projects 69

7. Instructions for Authors Submitting Papers to
Nordic Concrete Research (NCR) 103


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