NCR no. 38 – 2008/2

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NCR no. 38 2008/2 (pdf document)


  1. Linn Grepstad & Jan Arve Øverli
    Hybrid concrete structures – Experimental and numerical investigation
    of beams with lightweight concrete and fibre-reinforcement
    Abstract- NCR 38-1 (PDF Document)
  2. Anette Jansson, Kent Gylltoft & Ingemar Löfgren
    Design methods for fibre-reinforced concrete: A state-of-the-art review
    Abstract – NCR 38-2 (PDF Document)
  3. Mats Emborg & Peter Simonsson
    Industrial concrete construction for a better economy and working
    environment – possibilities and obstacles with self compacting concrete
    Abstract – NCR38-3 (PDF Document)
  4. Jonas Carlswärd
    Test methods and a theoretical model to assess shrinkage cracking of
    steel fibre reinforced concrete overlays
    Abstract – NCR38-4 (PDF Document)
  5. Anders Ansell & Richard Malm
    Modelling of Thermally Induced Cracking of a Concrete Buttress Dam
    Abstract – NCR38-5 (PDF Document)
  6. Mario Plos et. al.
    Structural assessment of concrete bridges
    Abstract – NCR38-6 (PDF Document)
  7. Peter Billberg & Mikael Westerholm
    Robustness of Fresh VMA-modified SCC to Varying Aggregate Moisture
    Abstract – NCR 38-7 (PDF Document)
  8. Arto Puurula et. al.
    Full-Scale Test to Failure of a Strengthened Reinforced Concrete Bridge.
    Calibration of Assessment Models for Load-bearing Capacities of
    Existing Bridges
    Abstract – NCR 38-8 (PDF Document)
  9. Thomas Blanksvärd & Björn Täljsten
    Strengthening of concrete structures with cement based bonded composites
    Abstract – NCR 38-9 (PDF Document)
  10. Rasmus Rempling, Karin Lundgren & Kent Gylltoft
    Modelling of Concrete in Tension – Energy Dissipation in Cyclic Loops
    Abstract – NCR 38-10 (PDF Document)
  11. Magnus Åhs & Anders Sjöberg
    Moisture distribution in screeded concrete slabs
    Abstract – NCR 38-11 (PDF Document)

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