NCR no. 4 – 1985

NCR no. 04 1985 (Complete pdf document)

  1. Hans Henrik Bache
    Durability of concre – fracture mechanical aspects
  2. Kajsa Byfors
    Carbonation of concrete with silica fume and fly ash
  3. Chatterji/Z. Fordos
    Effect of flyash addition on alkali-silica expansion
  4. Kirsten Eriksen/Per Just Andersen
    Foam stability experiments on solutions containing superplasticizing- and airentraining agents for concrete
  5. Tor Arne Hammer/Magne Maage/Andrzej Tomaszewicz
    The properties of concrete reinforced with melt-extracted steel fibers
  6. Carolyn M. Hansson/Hanne Strunge/Jacob B. Markussen/ Thomas Frslund
    The effect of cement type on the diffusion of chloride
  7. Tauno Hyvonen
    Brittleness and strength of reinforcing steel bars under high loading rate at lowered temperatures
  8. Jukka Jokela
    Experimental study concerning reinforced concrete beams under thermal and mechanical loads
  9. Lauri Kivekas/Charles J. Korhonen
    Brittleness of reinforced concretes under arctic conditions
  10. Kjell E. Loland/Odd E. Gjorv
    Ductility of concrete and tensile behavior
  11. Per-Ake Olsson
    A fracture mechanics and exsperimental approch on anchorage splitting
  12. Thorkild H. Rasmussen
    Long-term durability of concrete
  13. Steve Svensson
    Diaphragm action in precast hollow-core floors


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