NCR no. 40 – 2009/2

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NCR no. 40 2009/2(pdf document)


  1. L. N. Thrane, C. Pade, M. Kaasgaard
    Use of stabilizer/VMA to adjusttment of the flow properties of SCC at the Job Site
    Abstract NCR 40-01.pdf NCR 40-1 (pdf document)
  2. Jukka Lahdensivu, Jari Hietala, Kari Saastamoinen
    Practical Experiences on Cracking of Concrete Slabs on Ground
    Abstract NCR 40-02.pdf  NCR 40-2 (pdf document)
  3. Anders Andeberg, Lars Wadsö
    Using a standard mix design to study properties of a flooring compound
    Abstract NCR 40-03.pdf  NCR 40-3 (pdf document)

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