NCR no. 44 – 2011/2

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NCR no. 44 2011/2 (pdf document)


  1. Eigil V. Sørensen
    Fatigue life of high performance grout in wet or dry environment for wind
    turbine grouted connections
    Abstract NCR 44-01.pdf NCR 44-01 (pdf document)
  2. Andrea Folli
    Photocatalytic cementitious materials containing highly active nanosized TiO2:
    Mechanisms of air pollution remediation and the effect of the alkaline environment
    Abstract NCR 44-02.pdf NCR 44-02 (pdf document)
  3. Torsten Lunabba, Hemming Paroll
    Moisture Monitoring in Concrete Bridges 1990-2011
    Abstract NCR 44-03.pdf NCR 44-03 (pdf document)
  4. Taisto Haavasoja
    Optical Moisture Measurement in Concrete Aggregates
    Abstract NCR 44-04.pdf NCR 44-04 (pdf document)
  5. Jan Arve Øverli, Paola Mayorca, Alexander Furnes, Ole-Martin Hauge
    Static and Fatigue Capacity of Partially Loaded Areas in Concrete Structures
    Abstract NCR 44-05.pdf NCR 44-05 (pdf document)
  6. Richard Mc Carthy, Johan Silfwerbrand
    The Swedish User´s View of Self-Compacting Concrete
    Abstract NCR 44-06.pdf NCR 44-06 (pdf document)
  7. Håkan Hansson, Richard Malm
    Non-linear Finite Element Analysis of Deep Penetration in Unreinforced
    and Reinforced Concrete
    Abstract NCR 44-07.pdf NCR 44-07 (pdf document)
  8. Robert Hällmark, Peter Collin, Martin Nilsson
    Concrete shear keys in prefabricated bridges with dry deck joints
    Abstract NCR 44-08.pdf NCR 44-08 (pdf document)
  9. Merit Enckel
    New Årsta Railway Bridge – A case study on the long-term Structural Health
    Monitoring with Fibre Optic Sensors
    Abstract NCR 44-09.pdf NCR 44-09 (pdf document)
  10. Peter Simonsson, Mats Emborg
    Robust self compacting concrete for bridge construction
    Abstract NCR 44-10.pdf NCR 44-10 (pdf document)
  11. Martin Nilsson, Ulf Ohlsson, Lennart Elfgren
    Effects of Surface Reinforcement on Bearing Capacity of Concrete With Anchor Bolts
    NCR 44-11 (pdf document)
  12. Jukka Lahdensivu, Hanna Tietäväinen, Pentti Pirinen
    Durability Properties and Deterioration of Concrete Facades Made of
    Insufficient Frost Resistant Concrete
    Abstract NCR 44-12.pdf NCR 44-12 (pdf document)
  13. Gabriel Sas, Thomas Blanksvärd, Ola Enochsson, Björn Täljsten, Arto Puurula,
    Lennart Elfgren Flexural-Shear Failure of a Full Scale Tested RC bridge Strengthened
    with NSM CFRP. Shear capacity analysis. Abstract NCR 44-13.pdf NCR 44-13 (pdf document)

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