NCR no. 45 – 2012/1

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NCR no. 45 2012/1 (pdf document)


  1. Olli Kerokoski, Antti Nurmikolu, Tommi Rantala
    Loading Tests of Concrete Monoblock Railway Sleepers
    Abstract NCR 45-01.pdf NCR 45-01 (pdf document)
  2. Knut O. Kjellsen, Sidney Diamond
    The Development of Microstructure of Portland Cement Mortars – From the Fresh to the Hardened State
    Abstract NCR 45-02.pdf NCR 45-02 (pdf document)
  3. Peter Fjellström, Jan-Erik Jonasson, Mats Emborg, Hans Hedlund
    Model for Concrete Strength Development Including Strength Reduction at Elevated Temperatures
    Abstract NCR 45-03.pdf NCR 45-03 (pdf document)
  4. Tomas Sandström, Katja Fridh, Mats Emborg, Manouchehr Hassanzadeh
    The influence of temperature on water absorption in concrete during freezing
    Abstract NCR 45-04.pdf NCR 45-04 (pdf document)
  5. Lamis Ahmed, Richard Malm, Anders Ansell
    Finite element simulation of shotcrete exposed to underground explosions
    Abstract NCR 45-05.pdf NCR 45-05 (pdf document)
  6. Jerry Hedebratt, Johan Silfwerbrand
    Lessons Learned – Swedish Design and Construction of Industrial Concrete Floors
    Abstract NCR 45-06.pdf NCR 45-06 (pdf document)
  7. Anders Lindvall, Oskar Esping & Ingemar Löfgren, Tang Luping
    Properties of concretes mixed with Pulverized Fly Ash
    Abstract NCR 45-07.pdf NCR 45-07 (pdf document)
  8. Nelson Silva, Dimitrios Boubitsas, Tang Luping, Jan Erik Lindqvist
    Critical Conditions for Depassivation of Steel in Concrete: Interface Chloride Profiles and Steel Surface Condition
    Abstract NCR 45-08.pdf NCR 45-08 (pdf document)

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