NCR no. 49 – 2014/1

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  1. Gunvor Marie Kirkelund, Mette Rica Geiker & Pernille Erland Jensen
    Electrodialytically Treated MSWI APC Residue as Substitute for Cement in Mortar
    Abstract NCR 49-01
  2. Oldrich Svec, Lars Nyholm Thrane & Henrik Stang
    Linking the Fibre Orientation Factor with the Mechanical Response of the fibre reinforced Self-compacting Concrete
    Abstract NCR 49-02
  3. Ya Peng, Klaartje de Weerdt, Bård Pedersen & Stefan Jacobsen
    Measuring sedimentation and bleeding of fresh paste with hydrostatic pressure
    Abstract NCR 49-03
  4. Mahdi M. Kioumarsi, Max A.N. Hendriks & Mette R. Geiker
    Quantification of the interference of localised corrosion on adjacent reinforcement bars in a concrete beam in bending
    Abstract NCR-04
  5. Håvard Nedrelid & Terje Kanstad
    Shear Resistance of Steel-Fibre Reinforced RC Beams with Small Circular Openings
    Abstract NCR 49-05
  6. Richard Mc Carthy & Johan Silfwerbrand
    Is It Possible to Predict Formwork Pressure When Using SCC? – A Field   Study
    Abstract NCR 49-06
  7. Jonas Carlsvärd & Mats Emborg
    Avoiding undesirable end results of bonded steel fibre concrete overlays – observations from tests and theoretical calculations
    Abstract NCR 49-07
  8. Björn Täljsten, Gabriel Sas & Thomas Blanksvärd
    Strengthening of concrete structures with FRP – a guideline
    Absract NCR 49-08
  9. Anders Hösthagen, Jan-Erik Jonasson, Mats Emborg, Hans Hedlund & Kjell Wallin
    Thermal Crack Risk Estimations for Tunnel – Equivalent Restraint Method Correlated to Empirical Observations
    Abstract NCR 49-09
  10. Dimitrios Boubitsas & Tang Luping
    Electrochemical monitoring of Corrosion Initiation of Reinforcement Steel in Concrete and Chloride Threshold Values
    Abstract NCR 49-10
  11. Martin Persson, Ulf Ohlsson & Mats Emborg
    Bridge deck concrete overlays – full scale studies
    Abstract NCR 49-11
  12. Arezou Babaahmadi, Luping Tang & Zareen Abbas
    Mineralogical, Physical and Chemical Characterization of Cementitious Materials Subjected to Accelerated Decalcification by an Electro-Chemical Method
    Abstract NCR 49-12

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