NCR no. 5 – 1986

NCR no. 05 1986 (Complete pdf document)

  1. Ronny Andersson
    Pavements of roller-compacted concrete – physical properties
  2. Carl Johan Bernhardt/Carl Christian Fynboe
    High strength concrete beams
  3. Kajsa Byfors
    Chloride binding in cement paste
  4. Bjorn Engstrom
    Anchorage in longitudinal joints between precast hollow core panels
  5. Seppo Huovinen
    The calculation methods of concrete beams under thermal gradient and mechanical loading
  6. Jukka Jokela
    Limitation of crack widths based on stochastic nature of crack spacing and bonding properties of reinforcement
  7. S. Öivind Olesen/Jens Ole Frederiksen/Knud Bay
    Joints and details in a prefabricated column-slab system – desicn by testing
  8. S. Öivind Olesen
    Danish approach to solving concrete durability problems
  9. Ilmari Paakkinen
    Intensive compaction tester. Device for testing the compactability of no-slump concrete
  10. Vesa Penttala
    Compatibility of binder and superplasticizer in high-strength concrete
  11. Thomas Pettersson
    The shear capacity of prestressed concrete beams in regions of plastic hinces
  12. Jari Puttonen/Pekka Valikangas
    Method to analyse and design reinforced concrete shell structures
  13. Finn Strabo/S. Chatterji/N. Thaulow
    Studies of durability of cement-based composites made with different types of fibres
  14. Steinar Sandbakk
    Nonlinear three dimensional analysis of reinforced concrete structures
  15. Ole Strom
    Nonlinear analysis of reinforced concrete structures using uadrilateral membrane elements
  16. Ralejs Tepfers/Juhan Aavik
    Bond between reinforcement and concrete in vacuum treated zones
  17. Erkki Vesikari
    Service life design of concrete structures with regard to the frost resistance of concrete


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