NCR no. 51 – 2014/3

Publication No. 51 3/2014


  1. Gitte Normann Munch-Petersen & Christian Munch-Petersen
    Early Property Development in Concrete
  2. Serina Ng, Hernan Mujica & Sverre Smeplass
    Design of a simple and cost-efficient mixer for matrix rheology testing
  3. Cosmin Popescu & Gabriel Sas
    Experimental Program Optimization through Design of Experiments and
    FEM Analysis: A Preliminary Study
  4. Cecilia Rydell, Tobias Gasch, Daniel Eriksson & Anders Ansell
    Stresses in water filled concrete pools within nuclear facilities subjected to seismic loads
  5. Niklas Bagge, Jonny Nilimaa, Thomas Blanksvärd & Lennart Elfgren
    Instrumentation and Full-Scale Test of a Post-tensioned Concrete Bridge
  6. Yahya Ghasemi & Mats Emborg
    Particle Packing for Concrete Mix Design: Models vs. Reality
  7. Faez Sayahi, Mats Emborg & Hans Hedlund
    Plastic Shrinkage Cracking in Concrete: State of the Art
  8. Roghayeh Abbasiverki, Anders Ansell & Richard Malm
    Analysis of shallowly buried reinforced concrete pipelines subjected to
    earthquake loads
  9. Vladimir Ronin, Mats Emborg & Lennart Elfgren
    Self-Healing Performance and Microstructure Aspects of Concrete Using
    Energetically Modified Cement with a High Volume of Pozzolans
  10. Niklas Johansson & Mats Emborg
    Methods to Optimize Aggregate Distribution – Evaluation by Concrete and
    Mortar Experiments

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Review Group for NCR 161

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