NCR no. 58 – 1/2018 

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1. Tobias Danner & Mette Rica Geiker
Long-term Influence of Concrete Surface and Crack Orientation on Selfhealing and Ingress in Cracks –Field Observations

2. Magnus Döse & Johan Silfwerbrand
Reduction of Radon Gas in Concrete Using Admixtures and Additives

3. Göran Fagerlund
Frost Destruction of Concrete –A Study of the Validity of Different Mechanisms

4. Richard Malm
Full-scale Test of an Unreinforced Concrete Dome Plug for the Spent Nuclear Fuel Repository

5. Nadia Al-Ayish, Otto During, Katarina Malaga, Nelson Silva & Kjartan Gudmundsson
The Influence of Supplementary Cementitious Materials on Climate Impact of Concrete Structures Exposed to Chlorides

6. Lamis Ahmed
Dynamic Measurements for Determining Poisson’s Ratio of Young Concrete

7. Ya Peng, Bård Pedersen, Serina Ng, Klaartje de Weerdt & Stefan Jacobsen
Filler and water reducer effects on sedimentation, bleeding and zetapotential of cement paste

8. Louise Andersson, Johan Silfwerbrand, Anders Selander & Jan Trägårdh Continuous
Preventive Bridge Maintenance of Swedish Municipalities –A Survey on Common Practice

9. Alisa Machner, Petter Hemstad & Klaartje De Weerdt
Towards the Understanding of the pH Dependency of the Chloride Binding of Portland Cement Pastes

10. Mohammad H. Baghban, Mahdi Kioumarsi & Sotirios Grammatikos
Prediction Models for Thermal Conductivity of Cement-based Composites

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