NCR no. 6 – 1987

NCR no. 06 1987 (Complete pdf document)

  1. Ronny Andersson/Hans-Erik Cram
  2. H.H. Bache
    Introduction to compact reinforced composite
  3. Krister Cederwall/Stig Öberg
    An experimental and theoretical study of the shear capasity of composite beams
  4. S. Chatterji/P. Nepper-Christensen
    Evaluation of portland flyash cement as a preventive against alkali-silica reaction
  5. Carolyn M Hansson/Birgit Sörensen
    The influence of cement fineness on chloride diffusion and chloride binding in hardened cement paste
  6. Åke Holmberg
    Minimum reinforcement for crack control
  7. Tarja Hakkinen
    Durability of alkali-activated slag concrete
  8. Eirik Bathen/Odd E. Gjörv
    Quality control of the air-void system in hardened concrete
  9. Jukka Jokela
    Relaxation of restraint effect caused by temperature difference or settlement of a support in long term tests
  10. Klaus Juvas
    The workability of no-slump concrete for use in hollow-core slabs
  11. Ulla Kjaer
    Computer interactive maturity system (cims)
  12. Anders Staf Hansen/Herbert Krenchel
    Durability of propylene fibres in concrete
  13. John A. Bickley/Herbert Krenchel
    Pullout testing of concrete
  14. Inger Meland
    Level of calciumhydroxide and mechanisms of carbonation in hardened blended cements
  15. Randulf Johansen/Magne Maage
    Properties of norwegian blended cements with and without silica fume
  16. Bo-Erik Eriksson/Pirjo Tepponen
    Damages in concrete railway sleepers in Finland
  17. Registration of research activities in the nordic countries 1984-1987
  18. Adresses


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