NCR no. 60 – 1/2019 

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1. Jukka Lahdensivu, Elina Lahdensivu and Arto Köliö
Case Study on the 20 Years Propagation of Carbonation in Existing Concrete Facades and Balconies

2. Mette Rica Geiker and Emmanuel Gallucci
Clays as SCM – Reactivity of Uncalcined Kaolinite and Bentonite, and Impact on Phase Assemblage and Strength Development of PC Mortars

3. Ingrid Lande Larsen, Otto Terjesen, Rein Terje Thorstensen and Terje Kanstad
Use of Concrete for Road Infrastructure: A SWOT Analysis Related to the three Catchwords Sustainability, Industrialisation and Digitalisation

4. Jelena Zivkovic and Jan Arve Øverli
Failure of Lightweight Aggregate Concrete in Compression under Stress Gradients

5. Faez Sayahi, Mats Emborg, Hans Hedlund and Andrzej Cwirzen
Plastic Shrinkage Cracking of Self-compacting Concrete: Influence of Capillary Pressure and Dormant Period

6. Mikko Kuusela, Olli Asp and Anssi Laaksonen
Cracking of the End Diaphragm of a Post-tensioned Beam Bridge

7. Rasoul Nilforoush
A Refined Model for Predicting Concrete-Related Failure Load of Tension Loaded Cast-in-Place Headed Anchors in Uncracked Concrete

8. Tuomas Lehtonen, Matias Hirvikoski and Julius Rajamäki
Comparison of Punching Shear Design in Finland According to the Current and the Former Method

9. Fahim Al-Neshawy, Teemu Ojala and Jouni Punkki
Stability of Air Content in Fresh Concretes with PCE-Based Superplasticizers

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