NCR no. 61 – 2/2019 

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1. Effect of AEA-SP Dosage Sequence on Air Entrainment in FA Concrete
By: Andrei Shpak and Stefan Jacobsen
Pages: 1–21

2. In-Situ and Laboratory Investigation on Leaching and Effects of Early Curing of Shotcrete
By: Andreas Sjölander and Anders Ansell
Pages: 23–37

3. The Choice of Materials for the E39 Fjord Crossing Project
By: Simen Hellgren Holtberget, Xu Xiang, Cato Dørum, Johannes Veie and Arianna Minoretti
Pages: 39–51

4. Topological and Size Optimization of RC Beam Bridges: An Automated Design Approach for Cost Effective and Environmental Friendly Solutions
By: Elisa Khouri Chalouhi, Costin Pacoste and Raid Karoumi
Pages: 53–78

5. Effect on Radon Exhalation Rate Due to Cracks in Concrete
By: Magnus Döse and Johan Silfwerbrand
Pages: 79–90

6. Freeze-thaw Damage Dependence on Wind-driven Rain of Outdoor Exposed Concrete – A Case Study
By: Toni A. Pakkala, Jukka Lahdensivu and Petteri Huuhka
Pages: 91–106

7. Bonded Concrete Overlays: A Brief Discussion on Restrained Shrinkage Deformations and Their Prediction Models
By: Wojciech Cyron, Martin Nilsson, Mats Emborg and Ulf Ohlsson
Pages: 107–129

8. Width and Edge Beam Effects on the Ultimate Behaviour of RC Bridge Overhangs
By: José Javier Veganzones, Costin Pacoste and Raid Karoumi
Pages: 131–152

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