NCR no. 62 – 1/2020 

Click here to see the NCR no. 62 2020/1 (pdf document)


1. Bauxite Residue as Supplementary Cementitious Material – Efforts to Reduce the Amount of Soluble Sodium
By: Tobias Danner and Harald Justnes
Pages: 1–20

2. Making Concrete Pavements Competitive by Using the Standardized Framework for Comparisons of Infrastructure Projects in Terms of Cost-Efficiency and Climate Impact
By: Larissa Strömberg, Johan Silfwerbrand, Anders Ansell, and Staffan Hintze
Pages: 21–39

3. Non-destructive Test Methods for Corrosion Detection in Reinforced Concrete Structures
By: Hornbostel Karla, Tobias Danner, and Mette Rica Geiker
Pages: 41–61

4. Encapsulation Techniques and Test Methods of Evaluating the Bacteria-Based Self-Healing Efficiency of Concrete: A Literature Review
By: Rahul Roy, Emanuele Rossi, Johan Silfwerbrand, and Henk Jonkers
Pages: 63–85

5. Activation Energy for the Concrete Maturity Model – Part 1: Compressive Strength Tests at Different Curing Temperatures
By: Claus Vestergaard Nielsen and Martin Kaasgaard
Pages: 87–106

6. Activation Energy for the Concrete Maturity Model – Part 2: New Model for Temperature Dependent Ea
By: Claus Vestergaard Nielsen
Pages: 107–124


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