NCR no. 63 – 2/2020 

Click here to see the NCR no. 63 2020/2 (pdf document)


1. Alkali-reduced Bauxite Residue as Novel SCM
By: Tobias Danner, Malin Sletnes, and Harald Justnes
Pages: 1–20

2. Review of Sprayability of Wet Sprayed Concrete
By: Nicholas Trussell and Stefan Jacobsen
Pages: 21–41

3. Environmental Assessment of Frost-resistant Concrete with Superabsorbent Polymers
By: Gui Li, Marianne Tange Hasholt, and Ole Mejlhede Jensen
Pages: 43–62

4. Utilization of Bio Ashes in Cement-based Materials: A Case Study in Cooperation with Pulp and Paper and Energy Production Industries in Sweden
By: Arezou Babaahmadi, Gilles Plusquellec, Emilie L’Hôpital, and Urs Mueller
Pages: 63–78

5. Concrete and Sustainability – Some Thoughts from a Swedish Horizon
By: Johan Silfwerbrand
Pages: 79–87

6. Salt-Frost Scaling of Concrete with Slag and Fly Ash – Influence of Carbonation and Prolonged Conditioning on Test Results
By: Elisabeth Helsing and Peter Utgenannt
Pages: 89–108

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