NCR no. 64 – 1/2021 

Click here to see the NCR no. 64 2021/1 (pdf document)


1. From Waste to Resource – Utilising Residue from Ready-Made Concrete as New Aggregate
By: Solomon Adomako, Anette Heimdal and Rein Terje Thorstensen
Pages: 1 – 10

2. Effects of Slag Addition and Mechanical Pre-Processing on the Properties of Recycled Concrete in Terms of Compressive Strength and Workability
By: Madumita Sadagopan, Katarina Malaga, Magnus Lundin and Agnes Nagy
Pages: 11 – 29

3. Locally Produced UHPC: The Influence of Type and Content of Steel Fibres
By: Ingrid Lande and Rein Terje Thorstensen
Pages: 31 – 52

4. Shape and Size of Particles Scaled from Concrete Surfaces during Salt Frost Testing and Rapid Freeze/thaw in Water
By: Marte Beheim Brun, Andrei Shpak and Stefan Jacobsen
Pages: 53 – 68

5. Applicability of Existing Crack Controlling Criteria for Structures with Large Concrete Cover Thickness
By: Chavin Nilanga Naotunna, S.M Samindi M.K Samarakoon and Kjell Tore Fosså
Pages: 69 – 91

6. Service Life of Concrete Pedestal without Air Entrainment
By: Niko Lindman, Jukka Kallio and Jukka Lahdensivu
Pages: 93 – 107

7. Determination of the Stress Increase of the Unbonded Tendon in a Continuous Concrete Beam at Ultimate Capacity Using Nonlinear Analysis
By: Tarja Nakari and Anssi Laaksonen
Pages: 109 – 128

8. Decreasing Carbon Footprint of Block of Flats – Concrete Technology Possibilities
By: Elina Lahdensivu and Jukka Lahdensivu
Pages: 129 – 144

9. A Comprehensive Summary of Available Legislation and Practices in Demolition and Construction & Demolition Waste Management in the Arctic Region
By: Iveta Nováková, Tatiana Drozdyuk, Katja Ohenoja, Arcady Ayzenshtadt, Bård Arntsen, Priyadharshini Perumal and Martin Skjerve Dyvesveen
Pages: 145 – 162

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