NCR no. 65 – 2/2021 


1. Application of an Improved Empirical Model for Rheology Prediction of Cement Pastes Modified with Filler from Manufactured Sand
By: Elisabeth Leite Skare, Rolands Cepuritis, Ernst Mørtsell, Sverre Smeplass, Jon Spangenberg and Stefan Jacobsen
Page: 1 – 18

2. Static and Dynamic Four-Point Flexural Tests of Concrete Beams with Variation in Concrete Quality, Reinforcement Properties and Impact Velocity
By: Viktor Peterson and Anders Ansell
Page: 19 – 38

3. Resonant Frequency Ultrasonic P-Waves for Evaluating Uniaxial Compressive Strength of the Stabilized Slag–Cement Sediments
By: Per Lindh andPolina Lemenkova
Page: 39 – 62

4. Nonlinear Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Shear Walls Using Nonlinear Layered Shell Approach
By: Ali Vatanshenas
Page: 63 – 79

5. Towards Efficient Use of Cement in Ultra High Performance Concrete
By: Ingrid Lande and Rein Terje Thorstensen
Page: 81 – 105

6. Evaluation of Rapid Repair of Concrete Pavements Using Precast Concrete Technology: A Sustainable and Cost-Effective Solution
By: Saima Yaqoob, Johan Silfwerbrand andLarissa Strömberg
Page: 107 – 128

7. Visible Corrosion Damage in Carbonated Reinforced Concrete
by: Alina Lahdensivu and Jukka Lahdensivu
Page: 129 – 148

8. Numerical Modelling of Heat Transport in Freezing Mortars with an External Liquid Reservoir
By: Abdul Faheem, Maxime Ranger and Marianne Tange Hasholt
Page: 149 – 169

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