NCR no. 66 – 1/2022 


1. When and How Should Chloride Profiles be Calibrated for Paste Fraction?
By: Simon Fjendbo, Klaartje De Weerdt, Henrik Erndahl Sørensen and Mette Rica Geiker
Page range: 1 – 18

2. Effect of Set Accelerator on Properties of Wet Sprayed Concrete
By: Nicholas Trussell, Rolands Cepuritis and Stefan Jacobsen
Page range: 19 – 39

3. Reducing Thermal Crack Risks Caused by Restraint in Young Concrete – A Case Study on Walls of Water Tanks
By: Majid Al-Gburi, Jan-Erik Jonasson and Martin Nilsson
Page range: 41 – 54

4. Nonlinear Cyclic Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Columns Using Fiber Section Approach
By: Ali Vatanshenas
Page range: 55 – 71

5. Grading Material Properties in 3D Printed Concrete Structures
By: José Hernández Vargas, Helena Westerlind and Johan Silfwerbrand
Page range: 73 – 89

6. Asset Management of Existing Concrete Bridges Using Digital Twins and BIM: a State-of-the-Art Literature Review
By: Vanessa Saback, Cosmin Popescu, Thomas Blanksvärd and Björn Täljsten
Page range: 91 – 111

7. Nordic Concrete Research workshop: “Accelerated freeze-thaw testing of concrete”, Lyngby, 20th April 2022
By: Marianne Tange Hasholt, Katja Frid, Frank Spörel, Jukka Lahdensivu, Elisabeth Helsing, Matthias Müller,
Abdul Faheem, Sara Al Haj Sleiman and Stefan Jacobsen
Page range: 113 – 133


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