NCR no. 67 – 2/2022


1. Empirical Modelling of Lithium Mitigation for Alkali-Silica Reactivity
By: Marc Vacher and Stefan Jacobsen
Page range: 1 – 14

2. Effect of Set Accelerator on Capillary Suction and Porosity of Concrete – Cast Samples with Constant Water/Binder Ratio
By: Nicholas Trussell, Rolands Cepuritis and Stefan Jacobsen
Page range: 15 – 34

3. Effect of High-Pressure Washing on Chloride Ingress in Concrete – Development of an Accelerated Test Method
By: Louise Andersson, Johan Silfwerbrand, Anders Selander and Jan Trägårdh
Page range: 35 – 50

4. Evaluation of Crushed Fine Materials
By: Annika Gram and Björn Lagerblad
Page range: 65 – 77

5. Failure Mechanisms of Fibre Reinforced Shotcrete: Numerical Simulations Considering Local Variations in Thickness and Bond Strength
By: Andreas Sjölander and Anders Ansell
Page range: 51 – 64

6. Is Cement Paste Modified with Carbon Nanomaterials Capable of Self-Repair after a Fire?
By: Magdalena Rajczakowska, Maciej Szeląg, Karin Habermehl-Cwirzen, Hans Hedlund and Andrzej Cwirzen
Page range: 79 – 97


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