NCR no. 68 – 1/2023


By: Johan Silfwerbrand
Page range: I – I

1. Cryosuction Experiments on Concrete Containing Ground Granulated Blast-By: Furnace Slag: Influence of Temperature, Air Entrainment And Salt
By: David Wahlbom and Katja Fridh
Page range: 1 – 15

2. Chloride Ion Diffusion Resistance of Bulk Hydrophobic Concrete: Comparison of w/c and Dosages
By: Patrick Rogers, Johan Silfwerbrand, Anders Selander, Jan Trägårdh and
Peter Utgenannt
Page range: 17 – 38

3. Load Effects of ASR-induced Expansion in Reinforced Concrete and Their Consequences for Structural Assessment
By: Kathrine Mürer Stemland, Håvard Johansen and Terje Kanstad
Page range: 39 – 63

4. Assessment of Effective and Minimal Slab Widths for Evaluating the Shear Capacity of RC Overhang Slabs
By: Dr. José Javier Veganzones Muñoz, Costin Pacoste and Raid Karoumi
Page range: 64 – 85

5. Requirements for Test Series for Relative Humidity Measurements to Calibrate Drying Time Simulation Model
By: Pauli Sekki, Sami Niemi and Timo Karvinen
Page range: 86 – 104

6. A Review on Fatigue Performance of Concrete Structures Part I: Loading Parameters, Current Prediction Models and Design Approaches
By: Mohammad Afaghi, B. E. Klausen Anja and Jan Arve Øverli
Published Online: 22 Jul 2023
Page range: 105 – 126

6.1. A Review on Fatigue Performance of Concrete Structures Part II, Material Parameters and Environmental Factors
By: Mohammad Afaghi, Anja B. E. Klausen and Jan Arve Øverli
Page range: 127 – 144

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