NCR no. 69 – 2/2023


By: Johan Silfwerbrand
Page range: I – II

2. Accelerated Carbonation of Binders Containing SCM at High CO2 Concentration
By: Alexander Oliva Rivera, Katarina Malaga and Urs Mueller
Page range: 1-10

3. Sudden Changes in Workability during Concrete Pumping – An Industrial Approach
by: Øystein Mortensvik and Rein Terje Thorstensen
Page range: 11 – 31

4. Relationship between Chloride Migration, Bulk Electrical Conductivity and Formation Factor of Blended Cement Pastes
By. Maxime Ranger and Marianne Tange Hasholt
Page range: 33 – 53

5. Determining the Location of Steel Reinforcement in Thick Concrete Walls by Non-Destructive Inspection
By: Fahim Al-Neshawy and Jari Puttonen
Page range: 55 – 71

6. The Use of Slag in Accelerated Shotcrete for Rock Support: A Pilot Study on the Influence on the Early Compressive Strength
By: Elin Brodd, Andreas Sjölander and Lina Östlund
Page range: 73 – 86

7. Towards the Application of Mesostructures in 3D Concrete Printing – Evaluating Load-bearing Performance
By: Helena Westerlind, José Hernández Vargas and Johan Silfwerbrand
Page range: 87 – 100

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