NCR no. 7 – 1988

NCR no. 07 1988 (Complete pdf document)

  1. Matti Alasalmi
    Concrete Production Process Control
  2. V. Askegaard/P. Mossing
    Long term observation of rc-bridge using changes in natural frequency
  3. Krister Cederwall/Elzbieta Saran
    Shear capacity of composite prestressed concrede beams
  4. Tormod Dyken/Bernd Kepp
    Properties of t-headed reinforcing bars in high strength concrete
  5. Björn Engstrom
    Tests on the dynamic behaviour of precast floors at sudden removal of an exterior support
  6. Olav Gautefall/Magne Maage
    Durability of concrete – quality criteria
  7. Odd E. Gjörv/K. Okkenhaug/E. Bathen/R. Husevag
    Frost resist and air-void characteristics in hardened concrete
  8. G. Hedenblad
    Determination of moisture permeability in concrete under high moisture conditions
  9. Arne Hillerborg
    Rotational capacity of reinforced concrete beams
  10. K. Höiseth
    Monitoring of concrete structures by means of acoustic emission and strain
  11. Ari Ipatti
    Peat fly ash as a supplementary cementing material in concrete
  12. Esben Jonsson
    Shear capacity of prestressed extruded hollow-core slabs
  13. H. Justnes/S.P. Dennington
    Designing latex for cement and concrete
  14. Brian S. Nielsen/Flemming L. Kronholm
    Physical bonds of water in hardened cement paste
  15. Hákon Ólafsson
    Hydrophobing agents, for protection of low quality concrete
  16. Matti Pajari
    Load-carrying capacity of prestressed hollow core slabs
  17. Liisa Salparanta
    Corrosion prevention of concrete reinforcement by epoxy coating
  18. Karl-Johan Seren
    An expert system for choosing the type of ready mix concrete
  19. Ralejs Tepfers
    Overlap splices for ribbed bars for use in a concrete structure


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