NCR no. 8 – 1989

NCR no. 08 1989 (Complete pdf document)

  1. Xu Aimin
    Water desorption isotherms of cement mortar with fly ash
  2. M.W. Braestrup
    Punching of reinforced concrete slabs
  3. Krister Cederwall/An Li
    The application of the nodal force concept in yield-line analysis. An illustative example.
  4. S. Chatterji/A.D. Jensen
    Efflorescence and breakdown of building materials
  5. Marianne Grauers
    Shear force capacity of three-layered composite concrete slabs
  6. Tor Arne Hammer/Jan Havdahl
    The durability of concrete elements exposed in the tidal zone
  7. Per Freiesleben Hansen/Ole Mejlhede Jensen
    Selfdesiccation shrinkage in low porosity cement-silica mortar
  8. Seppo Huovinen
    Abrasion of concrete by ice in arctic sea structures
  9. U-M. Jumppanen
    Effect of strength on fire behaviour of concrete
  10. H. Justnes/E. Aassved Hansen/H.E. Karganrood/J.R. Smith-Nilsen
    Latex modified mortar reinforced with plastic fibres – synergistical effects with respect to fracture mechanical properties.
  11. M.T. Leivo
    Behaviour of concrete in severe frost action
  12. An Li/Krister Cederwall
    The thec·retical and experimental study of composite slabs
  13. S.Rosseland
    Testing of fibreoptic crack-detectors in concrete
  14. Henrik Stang
    Automatic microcrack characterizaton in frc-materials.
  15. Erik Thorenfeldt/Andrezej Tomaszewicz
    Thin steel mantle as lateral confinement in reinforced concrete columns, test results
  16. Erikki Vesikari
    A statistical approach to the service life design of concrete structures
  17. Discussion and reply to papers, ncr 1988
  18. Nordic concrete research publications no. 1 – 7
  19. Addresses


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