NCR no. 9 – 1990

NCR no. 09 1990 (Complete pdf document)

  1. H . Arup
    Embeddable reference electrodes for use in concrete
  2. Bjorn Engstrom
    Combined effects of dowel action and friction in bolted connections
  3. Goran Fagerlund
    Air-pore instability and its effect on the concrete properties
  4. Tarja Hakkinen
    The hardening properties of desulphurization wastes
  5. Harald Justnes/Bjarte Arne Oye
    The microstructure of polymer cement mortars
  6. Matti V. Leskela
    Push-out test for assessing the bond·strength of prestressing tendons
  7. An Li/Krister Cederwall/Johan Hedin
    Research on the partial-interaction composite beams
  8. Pekka Nykyri
    Anchorage of reinforcement in concrete structures
  9. Ervin Poulsen
    The chloride diffusion characteristics of concrete. Approximative determination by linear regression analysis
  10. Mario Plos/Kent Gylltoft/Krister Cederwall
    Full scale shear tests on modern highway concrete bridges
  11. Adrian Radocea
    Water pressure in fresh and young cement paste
  12. Ralejs Tepfers
    Anchorage of staggered reinforcement
  13. Hans Stemland/Gordana Petkovic/Svein Rosseland/Rolf Lenschow
    Fatigue of high strength concrete
  14. Jorma Virtanen
    Field study on the effects of additions on the salt-scaling resistance of concrete
  15. Discussion and reply to papers, ncr 1989
  16. List of mini-seminars in the period 1980-1990


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