Workshop proceeding no. 10: Nordic miniseminar Oslo: Durability Aspects of fly ash and slag in concrete

Workshop proceeding no. 10: Full report (pdf)

Oslo, Norway February 15 – 16, 2012, 198 pages
Price: 300 NOK


  1. Joost Gulikers
    Long-term practice experience with the use of blast furnace slag cement for concrete structures at Rijkswaterstaat
  2. Dirch H. Bager
    ““The k-value concept”, the “Equivalent Performance of Combinations Concept” and the “Equivalent Concrete Performance Concept””
  3. Steinar Helland
    ISO 16204 Durability – Service life design of concrete structures
  4. Christer Ljungkrantz
    Choice of binder in severe exposure classes – Swedish experiences and guidelines
  5. Klaartje De Weerdt & Mette Geiker
    On the application of thermodynamic modelling for the prediction of the hydrate assemblage formed by blended cements
  6. Jan Lindgård & Per Arne Dahl
    The Norwegian System for Performance testing of Alkali Silica Reactivity – (ASR) Some Experiences
  7. Rob Polder
    Effects of Slag and Fly Ash in Concrete In Chloride Environment – Research from The Netherlands
  8. Hannele Kuosa, Markku Leivo, Erika Holt & Miguel Ferreira
    The effect of slag and fly ash on the interaction of chloride penetration and carbonation
  9. Odd Gjørv
    Blast Furnace Slag for Durable Concrete Infrastructure in Marine Environment
  10. Peter Utgenannt & Per-Erik Petersson
    Frost Resistance of Concrete Containing Secondary Cementitious Materials – Experience from Field and Laboratory Investigations
  11. Stefan Jacobsen, Margrethe Ollendorff, Mette Geiker, Lori Tunstall & George W.Scherer
    Predicting AEA dosage by Foam Index and Adsorption on Fly Ash
  12. Miguel Ferreira, Markku Leivo, Hannele Kuosa & Erika Holt
    The effect of by-products on frost-salt durability of aged concrete
  13. Anders Lindvall, Oskar Esping & Ingemar Löfgren
    Properties of concretes mixed with pulverized fly ash and ground granulated blast furnace slag
  14. Terje F. Rønning
    Concrete Freeze-Thaw Scaling Resistance Testing Experience and Development of a Testing Regime & Acc ptance Criteria
  15. Øyvind Bjøntegaard
    Low-heat concrete with fly ash in massive infrastructures; experience from Norway on hardening phase crack sensitivity
  16. R. Doug Hooton
    Thirty Five Years of Experience with Slag Cement Concrete in Canada
  17. List of Mini Seminars 1975 – 2012

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