Workshop proceeding no. 13: Relative humidity (RH) in concrete

Workshop proceeding no. 13: Relative humidity (RH) in concrete

Trondheim, Norway, November 7.–8., 2018. 193 pages.


Essence of presentations and discussions

01. Paul Sekki
Modelling and measurements of RH in concrete

02. Peter Brander & Kent Bergstrøm
RH-measuring challanges. Moisture flow balance problems in vapor tight concrete & Heat effects from drilling

03. Sami Niemi
Finnish practice for RH measurements

04. Annika Gram
Zementestrich in Deutschland

05.Leif Wirtanen
New materials and design and the impact on RH in concrete, Finnish experience

06. Stefan Nordmark
The challenge of developing a moisture sensor that is cast into concrete

07. Jan Lindgård
Experience from RH measurements at SINTEF in general, with focus on use of Humigard

08. Bernt Kristiansen
Self-desiccation in concrete floors

09. Nina Plünnecke Borvik
Self-desiccation by the use of shrinkage reducing agents and other additives

10. Supplementary presentation from Polygon Sweden

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