Workshop proceeding no. 14: Impact of sulphide minerals (pyrrhotite)in concrete aggregate on concretebehaviour

Workshop proceeding no. 14: Impact of sulphide minerals (pyrrhotite)in concrete aggregate on concretebehaviour

Oslo, Norway, November 15.-16, 2018. 196 pages.


List of Participants:
Keynote lectures:

01. Silje Gystad Ytterdal
Lessons learned from the Follo Line Project – Pyrrhotite; a showstopper for reuse of TBM material as concrete aggregates

02. Marit Haugen and Jan Lindgård
Determination of total sulphur content in aggregates (2004 – 2018) – results from SINTEF

03. Viggo Jensen
Total S and Pyrrhotite in Norwegian concrete aggregate deposits. Statistical assessment from NBTLs database over projects

04. Magnus Döse
Cases in Sweden were sulphides minerals may contribute to damages in concrete

05. Hannu Pyy
Cases in Finland where sulphide minerals in aggregate have caused damages in Concrete structures

06. Josée Duchesne and Benoit Fournier
Overview of the Deterioration mechanisms: Cases of deterioration in Canada and US

07. Per Hagelia
Mineralogical properties of pyrrhotite, pyrite and associated weathering products

08. Terje Bjerkgård
Iron sulphides: Formation and conditions for occurrence in Bedrock

09. Andreas Leemann
Simultaneous iron sulphide oxidation and alkali silica reaction in a Swiss dam

10. Roland Weiss
Suddenly the aggregates for concrete are a risk for the durability of the structure – experiences from the material management project for the Gottard Basetunnel using AAR as an example

11. Ian Sims and Philip Santo
Managing the ‘Mundic’ Problem in South-West England

12. Benoit Fournier and Josée Duchesne
The development of accelerated test methods and the content of a new Canadian R&D project

13. Kurt Aasly, Klaartje De Weerdt and Mette Geiker
Use of advanced mineral characterization techniques to quantify sulfides in rocks and aggregates, and to investigate deterioration of concrete containing sulfide-bearing aggregates

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