Workshop proceeding no. 16: Concrete in arctic conditions

Workshop proceeding no. 16: Concrete in arctic conditions

Trondheim – Norway, 18. – 19. of June 2019. 89 pages.



Keynote lectures:


01. Anne Barker, Stephen Bruneau, Bruce Colbourne
IceWear: Improving the knowledge of surface wear and surface friction influences on the ice-induced wear of concrete structures

02. Guzel Shamsutdinova, Max A.N. Hendriks, Kjell Tore Fossaa, Stefan Jacobsen
Ice abrasion testing of high performance concrete for offshore structures

03. Tatiana E. Uvarova
Application of the hardness test method for evaluating the concrete resistance of ice abrasive

04. Arttu Polojärvi
Numerical ice mechanics: What is there to learn?

05. Hongzhi Zhang, Erik Schlangen, Branko Šavija
Micro-mechanical testing to support multi-scale modelling

06. Frank Spörel
Hydro-abrasive exposure and damage – appropriate concrete resistance


07. George W. Scherer, Lori Tunstall
Low-Temperature Strain in Air-Entrained Mortar

08. Andrei Shpak, Kjell Tore Fossaa, Stefan Jacobsen
Requirements and recommendations to frost durable concrete – an overview

09. Jouni Punkki, Fahim Al-Neshawy, Teemu Ojala
Practical challenges with air-entrained concretes

10. Sture Lindmark
Recapitulation of an old hypothesis on the mechanism(s) of salt frost scaling

11. Matthias Müller, Horst-Michael Ludwig
Impact of different liquid uptake processes on salt frost scaling mechanism

12. Fuyuan Gong
Towards Macroscopic Simulation of Frost Damage in RC Structures

13. Øyvind Bjøntegaard, Eva Rodum
Concretes with high volume fly-ash or slag; On Frost Scaling, Air Void Characteristics and Pre-Conditioning

14. Andrei Shpak, Stefan Jacobsen
Frost testing of HP/HVFA concrete for severe offshore conditions

15. Elisabeth Helsing, Dimitrios Boubitsas
Frost-resistance of concrete with supplementary cementitious materials – experiences from testing and field exposure

16. Miguel Ferreira
Assessing freeze-thaw performance of concrete – Some considerations

17. Frank Spörel
Monitoring of the freeze-thaw attack on concrete


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