Workshop proceeding no. 2: Design of Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete Structures

Workshop proceeding no. 2: Full report

Stockholm, Sweden, June 12, 2001
Price: 300 NOK


  1. Peter Mjörnell
    Experiences with Betongrapport Nr. 4 and the Need for Recognised Guidelines
  2. Bo Westerberg
    Some Quistions Concerning the design of Steel Fibre Concrete Slabs on Ground
  3. Johan Silfwerbrand
    Improvements of the Swedish Concrete Association’s Method for Design of SFRC Slabs on Grade
  4. Tor K. Sandaker, Arne Vatnar & Øyvind Bjøntegaard
    Competitive Concrete Solutions for Industrial and Residential Buildings
  5. Bo Malmberg
    Design of Fibre Reinforced Floors – Practical Experiences.
  6. Lutfi Ay
    Yield and Failure Criteria of Fibrous Cement Based Composites
  7. Henrik Stang
    Determination of Fracture Mechanical Properties for FRC
  8. Jonas Carlswärd
    A Test Method for Studying Crack Development in Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete Overlays Due to Restrained Deformation
  9. Jonas Holmgren & Bert Norlin
    Properties and Use of the Round, Determinately Supported Concrete Panel for Testing of Fibre reinforced Concrete
  10. Ulf Nilsson
    Load Bearing Capacity of Steel Fibre Reinforced Shotcrete Linings
  11. Erik Nordström
    Steel Fibre Corrosion in Cracks – A design Problem for Shotcrete Applications?
  12. Manouchehr Hassanzadeh
    Flexural Behaviour of Steel-Fibre-Reinforced High-Performance Concrete
  13. Ghassam Hassanzadeh & Håkon Sundquist
    Influence of Steel Fibre Reinforcement on Punching Shear Capacity of Column Supported Flat Slabs
  14. Keivan Noghabai
    Behaviour of Fibre Reinforced Concrete for Different Strictures

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