Workshop proceeding no. 3: Durability of Exposed Concrete Containing Secondary Cementitious Materials

Workshop proceeding no. 3: Full report (pdf)

Hirtshals, Denmark, November 21-23, 2001
Price: 300 NOK


  • Survey of some Danish HPC containing microsilica and flyash Dirch H. Bager
  • High Performance Road Concrete in Norway Trine Tveter & Tom Farstad
  • Silica Fume to Enhance Concrete Quality, Icelandic Experience Concerning
  • Alkali-Silica ReactionsGisli Gudmundsson & Hakon Olafsson
  • Long Term Performance of Micro Silica Concrete – Edgebeams of the Fiskebæk Bridge Erik Stoklund Larsen, Birit Buhr & Kirsten Eriksen
  • A Comparison of Chloride Ingress in Densit® Materials and Traditional Cement Based MaterialsBjarne W. Mikkelsen
  • Long Term Experience with Microsilica Concrete in a Marine Environment Per Fidjestøl & Harald Justness
  • Prevention of Deleterious Alkali Aggregate Reactions by use of Norwegian Portland Fly Ash Cement Knut O. Kjellsen, Terje F. Rønning & Inger Meland
  • Frost Resistance of Concrete Containing Secondary Cementitious Materials – Experience from Three Field Exposure Sites Peter Utgenannt & Per-Erik Petersson
  • Aalborg Portland’s Durability Project – 18 Years Judgement Dirch H. Bager
  • Application of the Phase Rule to Portland Cement Based Systems Duncan Herfort
  • Principles of Phase Equilibria Applied to Seawater and Sulphate Attack Iver Juel & Duncan Herfort
  • Studies of the Effect of Secondary Cementitious Materials on Chloride Ingress Anders Lindvall & Lars-Olof Nilsson
  • Chloride Profiles in Concrete Specimens Exposed to a Highway Environment for Five Years Dimitrios Boubitsas
  • Chloride Migration Coefficient of Self-Compacting Concrete Bertil Persson
  • Life-time Prediction of High Performance Concrete with Respect to Durability (CONLIFE) Max J. Setzer & Susanne Palecki
  • Durability of Resource Saving “Green” Types of Concrete Marianne Tange Jepsen, Dorthe Mathiesen, Christian Munch-Petersen & Dirch H. Bager
  • Durability of High Performance Concrete Containing Fly Ash and Silica Fume Marco Friebert
  • Utilisation of By-products as Filler in Concrete Helena Moosberg-Bustnes & Björn Lagerblad
  • Gasification Residues – A Challenge to make Durable and Environmentally Friendly ConcreteErika Holt & Paula Raivio
  • Durability of Fibre Reinforced Concrete Structures Exposed to Mechanical and Environmental Load Ernst de Place Hansen & Kurt Kielsgaard Hansen
  • Predicting Concrete Durability by using Artificial Neural Network Marianne Tange Jepsen
  • Studies on Chloride Penetration into Concrete in Marine Environments – Project Description and Preliminary Results Anders Lindvall
  • The Durability of White Portland Cement to Chloride and Sea Water Attack Erik Pram Nielsen & Duncan Herfort

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