Workshop proceeding no. 5: Crack Risk Assessment of Hardening Concrete Structures

Workshop proceeding no. 5: Full report (pdf)

Trondheim, Norway, March/April 2005 16 papers, One Volume 129 pages
Price: 300 NOK


  1. Helland, Steinar
    New Mandatory EN 13670 “Execution of concrete structures”. Consequences for the application of crack risk assessments
  2. Rosell, Ebbe
    A client’s view on the prevention of early age cracking
  3. Bjøntegaard, Øyvind
    The Nor-Crack project 2001-2005: Project information, results and materials data base
  4. Rostásy, Ferdinand S./ Rusack, Thomas/ Laube, Martin
    Long-term monitoring of the thermal and mechanical behaviour of a railways trough structure
  5. Rostásy, Ferdinand S./ Krauss, Matias/ Budelmann, Harald
    Engineering models for the approximate assessment of thermal restraint for a railways trough structure
  6. Krauss, Matias/ Rostásy, Ferdinand S./ Budelmann, Harald
    Probabilistic concept for the validation of the effectiveness of countermeasures against early age cracking in massive concrete structures
  7. Larsen, Claus K./ Guomin, Ji
    Crack risk modelling of restrained walls – is it possible? A comparison between measured and computer modelled strains
  8. Farhang, Ali A./ Wallin, Kjell
    Strucural design in relation to thermal crack risk analysis
  9. Wallin, Kjell/ Farhang, Ali A.
    Curing control for development of concrete strength incorporated with measures for limitation of thermal cracking
  10. Nilsson, Martin
    Restraint variation in walls on slabs by a semi-analytical method
  11. Jonasson, Jan-Erik
    Influence of long-term temperature and moisture variations on crack risks in concrete tunnels
  12. Schlangen, Erik/ Haverkort, Robert
    Predictions of crack width and crack spacing in hardening reinforced concrete structures
  13. Koenders, Eddy A.B./ van Breugel, Klaas
    About the next move in crack risk assessments for hardening concrete
  14. Kanstad, Terje
    Verification of three different calculation methods for early age concrete
  15. Hammer, Tor Arne/ Fosså, Kjell Tore/ Bjøntegaard, Øyvind
    Cracking tendency of HSC: Tensile strength and self generated stress in the period of setting and early hardening
  16. Nielsen, Claus V.
    Temperature sensitivity of cement hydration

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