Workshop proceeding no. 6: Fibre Reinforced Concrete

Workshop proceeding no. 6: Full report (pdf)

Trondheim, November 15th, 2007, 12 papers, 132 pages
Price: 300 NOK


  1. Tor Arne Hammer
    COIN Concrete Innovation Centre 1
  2. Lucie Vandewalle
    Fibre reinforced concrete and the new fib Model Code 5
  3. Johan Silfwerbrand, Jerry Hedebratt
    SFRC in the New Swedish Guidelines for Industrial Concrete Floors 13
  4. Sindre Sandbakk, Åse L.Døssland and Terje Kanstad
    Pull-out testing of different Fibre types 23
  5. Åse Lyslo Døssland
    Fibre Reinforced Concrete in Load Carrying Structures 33
  6. Steffen Grünewald, Joost C. Walraven
    Fibre reinforced concrete research in The Netherlands 41
  7. Ingemar Löfgren
    Calculation of crack width and crack spacing 53
  8. Jerry Hedebratt, Johan Silfwerbrand
    Full-Scale Test on a Pile Supported Floor Slab – Steel Fibre Concrete Only or in a Combination with Steel. 65
  9. Hedda Vikan
    Fresh Fibre Reinforced Concrete – A State of the art report 69
  10. Stein Are Berg, Stefan Jacobsen
    Packing of fibres and aggregate reviewed and calculated with Westmans equation 81
  11. T. Kanstad, Y H. Øvrelid, S. Sandbakk and K. Lauvålien
    Recent experience with load carrying concrete structures containing large amounts of synthetic and steel fibres (2-4 volume %) 95
  12. J.Sustersic, A.Zajc
    Experience with fiber reinforced concrete 107

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